First time home buyers don’t really know what they’re looking for. Sure they have an idea as to what they like (condition and appearance-wise), but they usually don’t really know about the other details that come with buying a house. Here’s why home buyers should consult with a real estate agent:

1. Helps In Seeing the True Value of Homes – Experienced real estate agents who know their market can tell you about the prices of comparable homes without having to bat an eyelash. They know which houses are being sold, and at what price, giving you an idea of how much the house you plan to buy should really be selling for.

2. Points Out Potential Resale Points – Most first time home buyers may not really settle in that house for the rest of their lives. That is why it would be wise to think about the resale price before even purchasing the home. Real estate agents can give an insight about what are the advantages or disadvantages of the home such as being placed on a busy street, or if there are any issues with the homeowners association.

3. Ability to Negotiate – Good real estate agents can help the buyer negotiate a better price with the seller. Since they know the facts and potential negotiation points, they can help get a better deal without just blurting out a price out of the blue.

4. Give Priceless Advice – Although real estate agents are not lawyers, appraisers, contractors or the like, they have much experience with home dealing that they already know each aspect of the home buying process. They can point you to the right direction, and give you the correct questions to ask.

Real estate agents may have a professional fee, but this can be offset by the amount of service that they can give and the advice they can offer. When dealing with a real estate agent, look for the most experienced ones, and those who are truly honest in their dealings. Look for referrals, and see which ones provide you with the real value you should be getting.

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