As the summer winds down for most of the United States, banks have stopped adjusting their CD rates. Nothing has really happened over the past few days in terms of who holds the top CD rates in the nation.

Here is our list of the top certificates of deposit for September 27, 2010

*TermBankSeptember 27thLast Week
3 Month CDGoldwater Bank0.85%0.85% APY
6 Month CDAurora Bank1.17% APY1.17% APY
12 Month CDMelrose Credit Union1.51% APY1.51% APY
24 Month CDDiscover Bank1.80% APY1.80% APY
36 Month CDDanversbank2.50% APY2.50% APY
60 Month CDMelrose Credit Union3.03% APY3.03% APY

These rates are available to all residents in the 50 United States and can take applications online. Be sure to check out the latest CD rates from our CD rate board.

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