College students are always in need of financial assistance because of unexpected payments and purchases. Most college students are away from their parents so it’s convenient for them to have a credit card that provides allowances during cash crunches. One credit card that students can count on is CITI Bank’s Forward credit card for college students.

About CITI Bank

CITI Bank is a bank that operates not only in America but also worldwide. The services they have include credit and debit cards, loans whether individual or business loans, mortgages, investments, and many more. Those who need these services should not hesitate to check on CITI Bank because they will definitely be able to get the answer or solution they need.

The purchase APR or annual percentage rate reduction is up to 2% when the credit card account holder will make a purchase under the credit limit and will pay three cycles of billing period on time. This will mean that 0.25% will be the reduction by quarter. College students can take advantage of this up to 8 times. Just imagine how much they will save when they will get their APR reduction. In terms of bonuses, holders can earn as much as 1,200 points. This will then be converted into a dollar per 5 points or as they call it as Thank you points. Each point earned will really make a difference especially when the student owner will often use his or her credit card and will pay on time.

If you are a college student now, be sure to avail and apply for this Forward credit card by CITI bank because it will definitely be of big help to your pockets.

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