Mortgage Rates Reach Another All Time Low

Mortgage Rates have steadily declined, setting new record lows since mid June. According to the Freddy Mac Primary Market Mortgage Survey rates are now at there lowest in the history of this survey. The average 30 year fixed mortgage just above 4.5%.  Just 6 months ago it was over .50% higher, sitting at 5.09% on […]

Paying Points on a Mortgage

What are Points on a Mortgage Loan? Mortgage points are fees paid on a loan to reduce the interest rate of your mortgage.  If you add an extra 1% to the fees on your loan your interest rate will be lower. Paying for points on a mortgage is essentially a trade of upfront money for […]

Why Lock Your Mortgage Rate Now?

Interest rates are at historic lows, and have been for several years.  Why would anyone need to worry about them changing? The current word from the Fed is that they are only going to be keeping the interest rates ‘under market’ for a little while longer.  You see, they have been forcing interest rates to […]