American Interbanc Offers Competitive Mortgage Rates

American is currently offering some of the most competitive mortgage rates today. With a 30 year fixed mortgage set at a loan amount of $417,000, the lender is offering a rate as low as 3.994%. This rate is considerably lower than other lenders, other rates are 4.04% from, and 4.032% from Loan Depot. […] Offers Lowest Mortgage Rates!

We all know that mortgage rates are dipping lower and lower with the current status of the economy. Although a bleak economy can mean bad things for individuals, one of the positive sides to it is the availability of low mortgage rates. If you’ve recognized the opportunity of getting a new mortgage or refinancing now, […]

Mortgage Rates Still Low At The Start Of September

It’s the dawn of a new month but yet mortgage rates for housing markets still don’t seem to be looking up. Apparently there isn’t much improvement in the economy since last month as investors are still apprehensive about about the economy and the stagnant housing market. Today, the 30-year fixed mortgage dropped 4 basis points […]

Mortgage Rates Expect More Volatility This Week

The roller coaster ride that is the US economy will be seeing more twists and turns this coming week. Last week, mortgage rates and treasury bonds experienced the lowest point last Wednesday, but picked up a few notches on Thursday and Friday. The low point came as a reaction to Standard and Poor’s change of […]