Eagle Bank VISA Credit Card: Striving for The Best

Today, Americans don’t exactly use money bills when they buy, purchase or pay for anything. What they use instead are credit cards which is so much more convenient. Many people find these cards effective and useful because they can simply swipe it anywhere they are since almost all establishments accept this mode of payment. Americans […]

How to Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit

The economy is still in the dumps and thousands of people are without a job. No income leads to the inability to pay bills, which leads to bad credit. Once you are out of your situation it is wise to begin rebuilding your credit, but what is the best credit card to get if you […]

What is the Best Credit Card After Bankruptcy?

In today’s economy many people are faced with the difficult decision to declare bankruptcy (BK).  Many people have no other option and it was circumstances they could not control which forced them into the bankruptcy. If you have been through bankruptcy because of job loss, medical bills or some other reason try to not let […]

How to Choose the Right Credit Card – Part 3

Click to read… Part 1 – Uses of Credit Cards, Finding the best rates, Different Types of Rates. Part 2 – Credit Card Fees, Credit Limits, Grace Periods Interest Charges Calculations Current account balance and the interest rate are the two primary factors typically used to determine the amount of your Interest Charges every month. […]

How To Choose the Right Credit Card – Part 1

Choosing the right credit card for your needs is important and will save you money in fees and interest.  Not all credit cards are the same.  They have different rates, fees, benefits, features, points, ratings, limits, cash features and the list goes on and on. Use these tips to help you pick the right credit […]