Credit cards are a staple to everyone’s wallet. It’s the modern cash that allows you to pay for each and every purchase without having to bring bills around. This is why it’s important to get a card that’s recognized by as much establishments as possible.

One of the banks that offer great deals and features when it comes to credit cards is BB&T. They never compromise the quality of the products and services they have. They make sure that every client is attended to especially when it  comes to their finances. One of the services that BB&T has to offer is their Visa credit card.

Terms and Features

BB&T Visa credit card has no annual fee that most card holders are concerned about. Large annual fees can come as  an unpleasant surprise every start of the year. With BB&T’s Visa credit card however, you need not worry about extra charges on your card. This is the main reason why many are getting credit cards from this financial institution. The introductory APR or the annual percentage rate is zero on all balance transfers and purchases for the first year.  After the introductory twelve months, the fixed or low variable APR ranges from 8.15% to 15.90%. In terms of paying the card holder’s due, he or she is given 25 days to pay the entire bill.


Another reason why it’s so beneficial to use this card is because it is accepted in more than 32 million sites all around the world. You can still count on your card whether you are dining in France, or sightseeing in London. And lastly, it can give assistance to emergency and travel situations like car rental insurance and a lot more. With all these perks, there’s a lot to love with BB&T’s Visa Credit Card.

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