Suntrust LogoIf you are browsing the net for good CD Rates you may come across a “Special Call in Offer” from Suntrust Bank.

Suntrust has their list of CD rates but in the 13 month CD Rate row it says, “Please call us for current special offer rate”.

At first glance their CD Rates do not seem to be all that impressive, so I thought with a “Call in to get this rate” offer perhaps the 13 month CD option was competitive.

And although this is a fantastic marketing strategy to get people on the phone and talking with a Suntrust represenative the CD rate was nothing special.  It fell right in line with the rest.

I made the call and discovered the 13 month APY was only 1.01%. Not all that great when compared to the highest cd rates right now.

I also discovered you need a previous relationship with them in order to open a CD account.  This simply means they want you to open up a checking account with a minimum balance of $25.

With low APY and no checking account promotions going on right now through Suntrust the ‘Call In’ special doesn’t appear to be that great of a deal.

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