For a lot of people, opening certificates of deposits is their means of saving. This type of investment is relatively secure, and can offer more in terms of interest than the usual savings account. Saving enough is equivalent to security especially now that everything has become expensive and retirement plans may not be enough to cover future expenses. There are a lot of people who are tight with their budgets and one solution for future financial security is by opening certificates of deposit.

A bank that offers good rates in terms of their certificate of deposits is Virtual Bank. This bank or company has been providing many quality banking and financial services. They also offer convenience with hassle free online banking. One of the easiest processes they offer is the eCD accounts or the online certificate of deposit.

The features of their certificates of deposits are quite advantageous for those who want to open an account. All of their eCD are FDIC insured which is a very important factor to consider. The online certificates of deposits are paperless accounts. This means that necessary statements, notices, and disclosures are all provided online. In terms of rates which are the reason why people would open CDs’ are also quite competitive. For their one month to two months CD term, the interest rate is 0.25% with an APY of 0.25% while an interest rate of 0.70% and an APY of 0.70% for the six month term. All their terms should have a minimum deposit of $10,000. On the other hand, those who want longer periods such as for the 12 month term to 2 year term, the interest rates are 0.90% with an APY of 0.90% as well. The interest rate they have for the 3 year term is 1.30% with an APY of 1.31%. The last term that people can choose when they want to open a certificate of deposit account is the 5 year term with an APY or annual percentage yield of 1.51% and the interest rate is 1.50%.

For those who are looking for convenience when it comes to saving, Virtual Bank can give it all to you with just a click of the mouse. Save more with less hassle with their eCD.

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