Homebuyers this year are in for much better advantages than prospective buyers in the past. This is because the market in homes now enjoys lower rates and prices. If you’re thinking about making your first purchase this year, then you’re in the right track. And Seckel Capital Mortgages will help you through the process by their current rate offers.

Competitive Rates for Your New Home

This week’s national average climbed to 4.04% for a 30-year fixed mortgage. At Seckel Capital, you’ll be getting one of the best deals in town. At a rate of 3.875% and an APR of 3.965%, this definitely places SC mortgages among the top lenders out there. This is also the best rate Seckel Capital provides among the other mortgage terms it offers.

For a 15-year fixed mortgage, the rate is placed at 3.250% and an APR of 3.409%. This is applicable for loans that amount to a maximum amount of $417,000.

Adjustable rates are available for those who are looking for more volatility in their monthly payables. A 5/1 ARM has a rate of 3.375%, while its APR is at 3.462%. The adjustable rate for a 7-year term has a rate and APR of 3.500% and 3.588% respectively.

FHA loans are a great way to obtain a loan that consumers would otherwise be unable to afford. These is backed-up by the government and is a great way to allow people reach their housing goals. Seckel Capital has 30-year and 15-year FHA loans. The rate for the former is at 3.875% while its APR is fixed at 3.966%. On the other hand, 15-year FHA loans set a rate of 3.250% and APR of 3.409%.

Loans of up to $625,500 are also available. The terms and their corresponding rates are as follows:

Rate APR

Super/Conf 30 4.125% 4.161%
Super/Conf 15 3.750% 3.814%
Super/Conf/5/1 3.375% 3.552%

For your specific mortgage needs, you can make use of the mortgage calculator found in their website to determine your monthly payments. Application is very easy as you need to do is set-up an online account to have your loan processed. Once everything is set in order, your desired housing loan can be approved in as early as 21 days.

Seckel Capital is very confident that they have the lowest rates available because they challenge the consumers to find a lender with a much lesser quote than what they offer. If the customers are successful in doing so, SC mortgage might even lower their own offer.

If that doesn’t sound like a good deal, then we don’t know what is.

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