Have you ever heard of free sky miles with every swipe form your credit card? We’re sure you have, but doing your homework in order to find the best match for your needs is a different story. Fortunately, Chase bank offers the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards card. Equipped with a plethora of rewards, this is the perfect card for just about anyone who frequently flies in and out the country.

About Southwest Airlines Card

How does one earn points? There are many ways for the cardmember to do so – from purchases to bill payments, and even through additional card users.

For any regular purchase using the card, one point is earned for every corresponding dollar spent. These purchases can be made from various dining establishments, hotels, rental cars, or retail stores. A special 2-point reward is given once exclusive Southwest Airlines purchases are made as well.

By using your card to pay your monthly obligations, you can also rapidly up your points earned. The same goes for when you sign another authorized user under your account. You may be responsible for all the charges incurred by this additional user, but the points still go back to you.

Balance transfers also get you one point per dollar transaction. However, this offer is only limited to the first 90 days upon account opening, so better hurry up those transfers.

What can I do with the Points earned?

Once you redeem your points, you can use them to enjoy exclusive points at partner establishments. These rewards may come in the form of travel perks, hotel advantages, cruises, gift cards, and experiences you’ll never forget. As long as you keep account activity for the past 24 months, your points will never expire and will always be ready for use.

But that’s not all. Stick with the use of this card for a year, and you’ll be getting a sweet surprise from Southwest. Whether you are a Premier or Plus cardmember, you get enough points to be used for travel to your favorite destination. The bonus points of 3,000 can be redeemed for $50 worth of Wanna Getaway fare.

And because you become a Visa cardholder once you open get this card, you’ll be able to enjoy access to special dining and entertainment perks.

Bonus Points Once you Open an Account

As soon as you sign up for application, bonus points are automatically transferred to your account after your first purchase. With this, you get 25,000 points, which amounts to more than $400 in flights from their Wanna Getaway fare.

With all its amazing benefits, you won’t have to look any further. Travel rewards surely don’t get any better than this.

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