Low rates are often the reason why banks fail to attract customers. However, there are those which provide flexibility and great promotions in order to help one reduce the risk of falling into a low-earning CD term. But if you find yourself wanting to withdraw your investment during the term, you may be faced with more penalty fees to pay for than your initial investment. Northpointe Bank is an exception.

Special CD Term

Northpointe Bank’s most current CD rates are listed as follows:

CD Term – (Fixed) Rates – APY

7-91 Days – 0.30% – 0.30%
92-182 Days – 0.30% – 0.30%
6-11 Months – 0.50% – 0.50%
12-17 Months – 0.65% – 0.65%
18-23 Months – 0.85% – 0.85%
24-29 Months – 1.00% – 1.00%
36-37 Months – 1.19% – 1.20%
48-59 Months – 1.59% – 1.60%
60+ Months – 1.78% – 1.80%

All these CD terms require an initial minimum deposit of $5,000. This deposit must not come from an existing Northpointe Bank account. Although these rates have a fixed APY during their period of maturity, terms ranging from 6 months up to 5 years and above can have flexible agreements if one wishes.

It is interesting to note that for the 1-year CD term, Northpointe’s 1.00% APY is much higher than the national average of 0.76%. This competitive rate already assures potential customers that their money will work just right for them.

What makes the rates even more competitive is their special early withdrawal penalty feature. This means you won’t have to pay any fee for early withdrawals after the first 30 months for terms higher than the 24-29 month maturity.

For example, a 60-month CD term can allow you to make an early withdrawal between the 30-60 month time period of the term’s maturity. This is good news when rates continue to rise. By then, you’ll end up better off with the said 60-month terms as compared to the 30-month term.

Although the bank is located in Michigan, it accepts deposits from other states. This can be done either through wire or check transfer.

All deposits made to the CD account are federally insured up to $25,000. Once maturity is reached, there is a ten-day period during which you can withdraw the total earnings or renew for another term of your choice.

In conclusion, CD rates of Northpointe Bank places very well on the national scale, although it’s overshadowed by rates from Ally Bank and CIT Bank. Despite this, Northpointe compensates for its amazing no early penalty promotion. This is something unique for banks offering different CD terms, and certainly a very desirable option in the long run.

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