Budgeting is something we all have to learn and have the discipline to upkeep. However most of us just budget on a whim, bending our rules here and there just to make ourselves comfortable. Also, most of us aren’t accounting majors so we don’t really know what a budget is supposed to look like anyway. Technology however seems to be hearing the plea of the regular folks and has come up with some nifty tools that can help us understand our budget more, and have the discipline to keep it up. Below are some of the best online budget tools that anyone can use to help increase savings:

1. PearBudget – One of the easiest tools to install, this tool is basically just a spreadsheet that can be opened using Excel, Word, and Open Office. All you have to do is open it in your computer, input your data and your budget is good to go. The best thing about it is, it comes for free.

2. BudgetPulse – This application allows people to monitor their financial condition. It’s based on user friendliness, comprehensiveness and ease of use. A good tool for those who just need the basics.

3. Expensr – This application helps you track how much money is going to food and gas. Plus, you can also compare your spending with similar people so you’ll know how to improve your spending. This tool also has a forecasting feature to help you steer clear from financial surprises.

4. Mint– This tool is a free online financial management tool that allows you to link your checking, savings and even credit card account to your Mint account. This helps you keep track of deadlines, and see every transaction. Although some people are worried about giving out the confidential information, the site uses Yodlee to manage security information which is the same company being used by Bank of America.

5. Mvelopes Personal – This is an online personal finance and spending management system which is probably one of the best of its kind. It helps you keep a budget and live within it, all done automatically. Although this application does not come for free, it’s well worth the money.

There are many other budgeting tools available online. Some come for free, and others for a fee. Try and check which one works the best for you. Maybe just a little software help is all that you need to get your savings and your finances in check.

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