In terms of mortgages, people always look for companies that can offer the best deals and rates. Since there are so many types and companies to choose from, it is very important to consider what makes a specific financial company different from the others. One such institution that’s a cut above the rest is OC mortgage group. Their main goal being a mortgage institution is to provide the best services to those who badly need the right mortgage solution. They also provide competitive interest rates. The rates are important since obviously, these are the basis for people to get affordable amortizations. OC Mortgage Group also makes sure that those who will be seeking for their help will have the perfect mortgage that will fit their needs and capabilities.


For their 30 year fixed term program, the rate is 3.625% compared to the national rate which is 3.89%. In this term, the APR is 3.844%. On the other hand, the 15 year fixed term will have a rate of 3.000% with an APR of 3.379%. And the 10 year fixed term has an APR of 3.423% and the rate is 2.875%. These rates are quite competitive compared to the other rates from other institutions. Those people who will be having these fixed term programs will continuously pay the same fees all throughout their term which financially wise because it avoids interest hikes that can throw your budget off.

Aside from fixed mortgages, OC Mortgage group also offers mortgage refinancing loans. This is the type of service that will allow clients or customers to improve and change their current terms and rates. It will also give chance to those who want to change or modify their type of mortgage program or term. With the mortgage refinance, it will allow home owners to replace their current homes to new houses which will give them better homes to live in. Some other benefits of the mortgage refinance include lower rates, getting cash outs, decrease in payoff time, home improvements, and debt consolidation. These benefits will surely help those who need it badly.

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