It’s every family’s dream to own a house that they can call home, but with all things expensive today, it has become very hard for people to immediately get and buy one. So what can people do then in order for them to have enough money and purchase the house of their dreams? Since buying a house spot cash is hardly possible nowadays, that’s when banks and credit unions with easy mortgage rates come in. With the right kind of housing loan, even the average Joe can get the house of his dreams. Banks and financial companies in the United States are offering a lot of this kind of deal and one of these is the Provident Credit Union that was established in the year 1950.

About Provident Credit Union

Provident Credit Union is on the 19th spot of the largest financial companies in California. Their reputation is known throughout the United States and this is one of the reasons why many people go to them when they apply for a mortgage loan. Members also appreciate their low mortgage rates that are simply easy and acceptable on their pockets. For those interested, Provident Credit Union has branches all over California.

Fixed/ Adjustable Mortgage Rates

Provident Credit Union offers great deals when it comes to mortgage rates or loans and one of this is the Fixed/Adjustable mortgage. This is a fixed deal because its duration is for three to ten years, and then the involved parties will be able to convert it to an adjustable and appropriate rate. It simply means that people can afford their first home and be able to move up to a better house without having any problems. How does one pay for it? For those with conforming loans amounting to $417,000 or less, they can have a period of fixed rate from three to ten years. The rate for the term of ten years is only 3.00% with an APR of 3.089%. While for the 20 year term, the interest rate is 3.50% and an APR of 3.662% and so on. Those who are interested should then check out the Provident Credit Union site for more information with regards to the different mortgage rates.

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