The competition in CD rates has been getting more intense as various lenders were seen to have increased their rates for limited periods of time. Local deals are no exception. Take for instance Veridian Credit Union in Iowa. It offers not only one, not two, not even three or four, but five CD rates promotions. This shower of offers only lasts from April 19-25, 2012, making the offers much desirable.

About the Special Rates

The special rate offer ranges from different maturity terms, starting at 7 months. Other offerings come from the 9-, 15-, 25-, and 39-month terms. For a minimum initial deposit of only $1,000, you can start earning interest for your chosen term. The rates for these special offers are as follows:

7-month Special – 0.90% APY
9-month Special – 1.00% APY
15-month Special – 1.25% APY
25-month Special – 1.50% APY
39-month Special – 1.80% APY

The Usual Rates

If you find that Veridian credit union is not offering a special offer for the maturity term you’re after, don’t worry. They will get you covered with their usual rates and APR offerings that are equally competitive when compared nationally.

Starter 12-month CD – 0.70%
1-5 months CD – 0.60%
6-12 months – 0.80%
13-17 months CD – 1.11%
18-24 months CD – 1.25%
25-30 months CD – 1.40%
31-41 months CD – 1.60%
42-48 months CD – 1.80%
Bump-up CD 30 months – 2.10%
Add-on CD 12 months – 1.15%
Jumbo CD 7 months – 1.11%
Jumbo CD 15 months – 1.45%
Jumbo CD 25 months – 1.70%
Jumbo CD 39 months – 2.00%
U.B.U CD 12-60 months – 1.10%
KIRBY CD 12-60 months – 1.10%

Aside form the regular certificates of deposit, you can also have the option of choosing other CD types. VCU offers the Add-on CD, which allows you to add more money into your CD account as long as it’s within a one-year term. This works in the same way as the Starter certificate, which gives you the freedom to add money throughout the run of its course. Another type is the Bump-up CD. Here, you are allowed to change your interest rate and APY once at anytime during its 30-month term. On the other hand, Jumbo CDs will give you the chance to earn higher when the term ends.

About Veridian Credit Union

Founded in Waterloo, Iowa in 1934, Veridian Credit Union was originally intended for the employees of John Deere. Since then, membership expanded to non-employees as its reputation grew in credibility. Today, VCU is among the top credit unions in America.

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