Sales, discounts, price cuts and cash backs! It’s all about saving that extra dollar when it comes to Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. Some banks however have taken the holiday and extended their promotion starting from the 21st of November, all the way to November 30th. American Express is one of these providers who are celebrating Cyber Week Sale.

For those who still haven’t had enough of shopping and great deals, today’s the last day to avail of American Express’ holiday promotion.

20% Off on Cyber Week Shopping

That’s right, American Express card holders and members can rejoice with a flat 20% discount on items when you shop at American Express’ Member Rewards Site. And when they say 20% discount, they really do mean it because this same rate applies to all items from all 50 affiliate shops such as Sony, Cuisinart, Banana Republic and more.

The discount already sounds amazing, but is there a catch? Well, the only thing that keeps you away from a 20% off shopping spree is the type of card you own. In order to qualify, you must have a Green, Gold, Platinum, ZYNC or Centurion Card.

Membership Rewards and Extra Points

If you don’t happen to qualify for the promotion, there’s no need to despair. You can still avail of your Membership Site Rewards such as 5 times more points via 21 different retailers all the way through December 31st so there’s no need to rush. That is equivalent to about 5% cash back in your favorite retailers like Bloomingdales, Apple, Target and Godiva.

No Card Yet?

For those who don’t have the any card from American Express yet, it may be too late to avail of the 20% discount. However, AmEx does offer great deals all year round. Recommended cards include Blue Cash for frequent shoppers and American Express Platinum for heavy travelers.

Aside from the 20% off and membership rewards, there are also added perks from individual retailers like easy point redemption with Amazon and a $10 gift pack from Bath and Body Works. Just browse around the member site and check out the cool deals American Express has to offer on their last day of Cyber Week.

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