Some decisions in life are simple. But as any self-respecting petrolhead knows, choosing the right car needs to be more than just about speed, performance, and style. It needs to be cost-effective, achieving great value and return for your hard-earned money.

That’s where the Mercedes-Benz Credit Card comes in. An offering of American Express, this card allows you to enjoy card member benefits, plus more perks for being a Mercedes-Benz fanatic.

Fully Loaded

Most credit cards come with benefits common to all. But with the Mercedes-Benz credit card, you can gain access to exclusive deals that even less-than-enthusiastic car aficionados would want.

It all starts when you sign up. Upon membership, you automatically earn 5,000 membership rewards bonus points, which you can later use to avail the services American Express offers. This includes cruises, hotel stays, and vacations, merchandise, and gift cards that come from over 500 brands, that includes Mercedes-Benz. Frequent flyer privileges and the ease of giving donations to any charity you choose are included as well.

More than just staying on track

When you’ve decided to go full speed and purchase your new Mercedes, you get a $5,000 reward certificate, which is already a great deal and proves to chop off a significant amount of what you could have spent otherwise. It also provides up to 1,000 excess miles, which is then waived towards the end of the lease.

Having a car becomes truly your own when you customize it. And doing so becomes easier when you get your annual $50 reward certificate, which can be used to purchase genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories.

Security assistance is at the high-end. Protect your loved ones and yourself with up to $25,000 in travel accident insurance. A 24-hour roadside assistance can get help to you straight away – whenever, wherever. You can also use your card for auto rentals, which is covered by Car Damage and Loss Insurance in cases where the car is stolen or damaged.

The card starts at 0.0% percent introductory APR for the first 6 months. After that, your APR will be 15.54%, and will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. Annual membership fee is priced at $95, with no fees for overlimit of purchases.

With all these great deals, signing up becomes as easy as turning on the ignition.

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