OH the glory and wonder of Black Friday!

When people are willing to wake up at the crack of ungodliness, camp in 0 degree whether, trample a neighbor to death all in the name of stuff. (Not to mention its on a holiday weekend when you can sleep in, whats up with that? I said, whats up with that?)

But for those of you who just cannot get enough of Black Friday and all its magnificence I have compiled two killer lists on how to Rock Black Friday and how to ABSOLUTELY rock Black Friday.

How to Rock Black Friday List:

  1. Plan Ahead – Do not just shoot from the hip and head out Friday Morning. You need a Plan. If you fail to have a plan then you plan to have a fail. (That statement really doesn’t make sense. :))
  2. Research – Determine what you want and look into the stores that have what you want. Plan on visiting those stores first… first and early (and by early I mean just don’t even sleep the night before).
  3. Get some sleep – I know, I know… It sounds contradicting to the end of #2 but its not.  Store up as much sleep as you can in preparation because the best deals are found EARLY and the best Black Friday-ers do not sleep at all… (see no contradiction).
  4. Set a budget – You can get trapped in all the wondrous deals real fast. Soon you will have spent more money than you have on tons of extra stuff you don’t need. Set a budget and spend no more than that.
  5. Post BF attack plan – Most deals are the send in for a rebate type deals, so FB (Facebook) your BFF’s (Black Friday Friends) to a PBFP (Post Black Friday Party), get all those rebates filled out then have a parade down to the post office and send them away.

Mission Accomplished.

Now How to ABSOLUTELY Rock Black Friday:

  1. On Friday morning.  Sleep until lunch.  Wake up and have a huge left over turkey sandwich.  Head back to your bedroom, take a nap and wake up just in time to watch football or the Mythbusters Thanksgiving weekend marathon.

Now we are talking.

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  1. MF (that could go more than one way couldn’t it :-/) Thanks.

    I jumped over and read your holiday post. Good stuff.

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