Just when you thought CD rates from banks and credit unions are good as it is, it gets better. HomeBanc N.A. offers several limited CD rate specials that are sure to have you end up with better value for your money than with any other CD offering in the country.

About the Special Rates

HomeBanc offers not just one, but four special CD maturity promotions. The best rate offering comes form their 3-month special in which you can avail a rate of 1.14% and an APY of 1.15%. To open an account, you only need an initial $5,000 deposit and a maximum amount of up to $ 100,000. This promo is open to new depositors. Previous participants of past offers and those who have had a CD account closed within the past 24 months will be excluded from the promo. Considering that the regular APY for the 3-month term is only 0.15%, grabbing this deal is like finding a diamond in the rough.

Another offer is the 11-month advantage CD. Here, account holders will enjoy a 0.70% APY which is considerably higher than the regular 12-month APY of 0.45%. At any time during the term, you can choose to change the rate once. This rate will be base don the bank’s adjusted non-promotional offer. This way, you can face the opportunity of getting a much higher APY for the remainder of your term, earning a much bigger amount of money on your end. To qualify, you need to have a HomeBanc checking account and a minimum balance of up to $1,500.

The third offer is the 3-year advantage CD. The mechanics are the same as that of the 11-month offer, wherein you can change your APY once during the course of the 3-year maturity. The starting APY is fixed at 1.00%. A regular 3-year term has an APY of 0.75%. The minimum cash deposit required upon opening is $10,000.

Last but not the least, HomeBanc offers its 25-month advantage CD. With an opening APY of 0.90% instead of the regular 24-month 0.65%, you’ll already have a head start on earning better with your investment. Like the previous two offers, you can change the APY to a much higher rate at any one time during the term. Minimum balance needed is $10,000.

For you to avail these specials, be sure to ask your customer service assistance regarding them. These offers may not be presented all at once to you directly unless you inquire about them.

Apart from these specials, the regular rates are as follows:

Term APY

3 months – 0.15%
6 months – 0.20%
9 months – 0.40%
12 months – 0.45%
18 months – 0.50%
24 months – 0.65%
36 months – 0.75%
48 months – 0.90%
60 months – 1.00%

For you to get the best deal, turn to the CD specials being offered instead. This way, you’ll get a much better return of your money.

HomeBanc has branches all over Tampa, Florida.

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