Not much changed over the weekend as this past Monday was Labor Day in the States. The same banking institutions from our September CD Rates post are still on the board.

With that said here are the highest CD rates being offered nationally as of September 7th, 2010:

*TermBankSeptember 7thLast Week
3 Month CDiGoBanking1.35% APY1.35% APY
6 Month CDNewDominion Bank1.25% APY1.25% APY
12 Month CDSallie Mae Bank1.55% APY1.55% APY
24 Month CDNewDominion Bank1.95% APY2.00% APY
36 Month CDDanversbank2.50% APY2.50% APY
60 Month CDMelrose Credit Union3.03% APY3.03% APY

Melrose Credit Union is on the list because they allow anyone, anywhere to register for their Credit Union. The fee for joining is $1.00 and they have some of the nation’s highest CD rates.

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