We found the highest rates for a 6 month cd (certificate of deposit) sitting around 1.76% nationally, down roughly 0.05% from the previous week. The current national average for the 6 month CDs sits about 1.16% APY.

Ascencia Bank of Louisville Kentucky holds the current highest rate for any 6 month CD nationally at 1.76%. They are a nationwide bank and will accept deposits from any state. The minimum required deposit is $500 and your interest is compounded monthly.

Banks and Credit Unions sometimes offer promotional rates for odd maturity dates such as a 7 month CD, 13 month CD or 15 month CD. America’s Credit Union has two promotions going on with odd maturity dates. The first is a 7 month CD which pays 2.0% APY, with a minimum deposit of $500. The second promotion is a 13 month CD paying 2.15% APY with a minimum deposit of $500. These odd maturity dates usually have a higher interest rate than what is normally offered. If you know of any higher paying CDs or promotions going on that are noteworthy please send us a message.

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