EverBank of Jacksonville Florida is offering one of the best CD rates for Florida and the nation.

The Yield Pledge® Certificate of Deposit is offering high yields and is FDIC Insured.  With the Yield Pledge you can expect your savings to earn high yields that EverBank promises to be in the top 5% of competitive accounts from leading banks. This is true when purchasing the CD and when it rolls over.

Check out the National Best CD Rates Here.

Here are the EverBank benefits.

  • No more chasing for a high yield when you open or roll over a CD — Yield Pledge does that automatically.
  • Choose your term. –  Make the CD mold to your financial needs and goals.
  • Great features such as a reminder sent to you twenty days prior to maturity and automated rollovers.

EverBank Yield Pleadge CD Rates:

  • 3 month – 0.58% APY
  • 6 month – 0.80% APY
  • 9 month – 0.97% APY
  • 1 year – 1.19% APY
  • 2 year – 1.71% APY
  • 3 year – 1.92% APY
  • 5 year – 2.84% APY

Visit EverBank for more info and CD Minimum Balances.

EverBank can serve you.  These are not just CD Rates in Florida, but nationwide.

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