From the previous 3.95% national mortgage rate last week, the figures have cut down to 3.90% this week. This lucky strike hopes to draw many new home purchases or refinancing. This is why, an online direct lender, offers very low mortgage rates.

About the Rates

Here are some of the rates the company offers:

Loan Program – Current Rate – APR

30 year fixed – 3.625% – 3.87%
15 year fixed – 3.0% – 3.22%
7/1 ARM – 2.75% – 2.87%
5/1 ARM – 2.375% – 2.52%
10 year fixed – 2.75% – 3.19%
30 year no origination – 3.875% – 4.01%
FHA purchase – 3.75% – 4.11%
30 year HB Jumbo – 4.0% – 4.175%
30 year Jumbo – 4.25% – 4.379%

The APR for all these mortgage agreements are based on a loan amount of $200,000, given that a downpayment of 25% has been made. This also applies for accounts with no discount points, but with the 1% standard origination.

For HB Jumbo loans, a 25% downpayment is also required, provided that the loan amounts up to $550,000.

The Loan Process

The loan process begins when you fill up the application form for loans either online, or through confirmation with a mortgage consultant. In the form, you are asked to mark the checklist provided. This will be the basis of your loan analysis from which the consultant will provide you with the best options suited for your needs. This pre-approval only takes up to 4 hours at a maximum.

Once your application is approved, you are required to pass documents regarding salary and income, assets, and other related papers. Upon completion, your rate, as well as you loan, is now ready for lock-in.

A loan processor then proceeds to the appraisal of the property, while taking into account your credit history and other important personal background information. After this appraisal period which usually takes one to two weeks, your loan is then ready for closure. By then, you’ll be ready to move into your new home.


This company is one of the few direct lenders that offer services online, providing convenience and an even wider reach to consumers. They have all sorts of mortgage schemes for every individual’s different preferences. They also provide the service of mortgage consultants which can personally help you through every step of the process.

With these incredibly low rates form, having an investment property has never been more worth it.

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