It’s always amazing to see people who actually do what they say. In terms of banking services, Applied Bank will never fail you in the promises of their offers.
For those who are looking for a way out of a bad credit, they may find solution when they sign up for the Platinum Zero credit card. It highlights a stop in the payment of interest rates, a helpful feature to those who are trying to set up a good record.

What it offers

Applied Bank calls it the card Platinum Zero because of the non-charging for interest rates in purchases, even if you should make late payments. It also refers to the fact that anyone who applies for this type of credit card does not have to pay any fees during application – it’s absolutely free.

However, there is a drawback to this. The maintenance fee for the card comes every month instead of annual payments. A fee of $9.95 is to paid, and if you add this up this will result to a yearly payment of $119.0. This amount seems more than what other banks are asking for, so in this case, a short term rebuilding of credit is most ideal for the cardholder.

The minimum assigned credit limit is $500 and the maximum is up to $5,000. Timely monthly reportings to major credit bureaus ensure that your account is being watched over. This will also prevent the cardholder form making discrepancies in making payments.

Fees and Penalties

You can get an additional card as extension of the use of your account. For this, a fee of $30 must be paid. There is no fee for making balance transfers, but foreign transactions will strip you off 1% in US dollars as fee. As for cash advances, the fee is based on whichever greater amount is valued at. This is either $5 or 5% of the total cash advance made. The APR for each cash advance is at a fixed rate of 9.99%.

About Applied Bank

Applied Bank is headquartered in Delaware. Since 1996, it has been providing financial support and assistance to residents of the state. This commitment to community service is manifested through their many efforts aimed at literacy, housing, and job opportunities. These programs and campaigns highlight their mission to become partners with the community and its people.

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