Credit cards are carried everywhere today by most people in the nation. They would always want to be able to pay for all the things they need to pay easily without any problems and one way for them to do it is of course through their credit cards. Most people have multiple cards in order for them to use and change it all the time. Those people who want convenience in shopping, paying for bills, and etc. the cards they have are definitely the answer. It is then quite reasonable to have multiple accounts and one bank that people can go to in order for them to have their own credit card is in Bankers Trust.

All About Bankers Trust

Bankers Trust was founded in 1917 and is knows as Iowa’s largest and oldest independently owned financial institution. It has proven to give quality financial services to its customers and is committed to total development of personal financial needs. People who have financial needs can truly get what they need from Bankers Trust especially in terms of savings, personal banking, mortgages, loans, credit cards, and many more. Right now the Classic Visa credit card is one of the services people are clamoring for.

Personal Classic Visa Credit Card

It is one of the most convenient credit cards clients can carry wherever they want to go. It can even be a joint account which is advantageous for family members who wish to share the same expense account. In terms of its features, the annual percentage rate or APR for its purchases is 16.9% which is lower compared to other cards. The APR for balance transfers is 19.9% and for the cash advances is also 19.9%. Its annual fee is $20 which many would find affordable. Other fees such as the balance transfers is $10 as well as the cash advances.

To those who want to avail of this Classic Visa credit card, they can just inquire from Bankers Trust for the application process. It is very easy to apply for and in matter of days, those who are interested will be able to get and use it.

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