Credit cards have a lot to offer. From rewards to bonus points, from cashback to special privileges, each bank has its own way of making their services desirable to consumers. For the traveling businessman or adventure buff however, a credit card with premium flight rewards is the ultimate cherry on top of their ice cream.

One of the best credit cards that offer great travelling bonuses is the Delta Skymiles program. Powered by American Express, one of the leaders in banking service here in the country, it helps you earn more miles with every dollar you spend.

What You Get

When you open Sky miles credit card account, you automatically get a three-month grace period to accumulate at least 30,000 bonus miles. You can earn this by spending $500 worth of purchases within these first three months. And just in case you don’t know how great this promotion is, here’s a tip. With the 30,000 bonus, you get more than enough points to purchase a round-trip ticket in the economy class. Now that’s real savings.

Another great benefit of this credit card is that they offer at least one free baggage checking for each of your companions, given you’re in a group of less than 9 people. That’s another $50 worth of savings – all with one card.

With the Delta Skymiles program, you can expect assistance with all your travel bookings, as you will be provided with a travel specialist if you wish to. No matter where you go, you can leave transportation worries behind because American Express also includes a Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance – when you use your card, of course. This way, you can enjoy your vacation, take in new sights, or rush off to meeting after meeting with ease of mind over your protection and safety.

And because the more you spend, the more miles you earn, it’s like giving yourself a reward just for shopping! And just in case you unknowingly end up with a thousand pairs of shoes billed to your credit card, American Express does and will not hold you responsible for financial charges in cases of fraud.

For the first year upon opening your credit card account, you can enjoy zero annual fees. After this period, you are only expected to pay $95 on the second year, and every year thereafter. The APR for each purchase you make may vary, although at this day, it is fixed at ranges between 19.24%, 17.24%, and 15.24%.

Travel isn’t the only thing that’s big on the Delta Skymiles as well. You also get super savings from the American Express ticketing center. Now you can watch all your favorite Broadway shows –even if you have to travel 10,000 miles for it.

So for all these perks and more, open a credit card account under the Delta Skymiles program of American Express now.

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