Thinking of a better way to save money? If your answer is a big yes then a solution you can take opening a certificate of deposit account. People today are extra cautious when it comes to providing for themselves in the future and most of the time 401k’s and Roth IRA’s may not be enough to give you a comfortable retirement. For those who are serious about saving for the future, then a certificate of deposit shouldn’t be left out from your portfolio. Looking for a good CD account? Then Bankers Trust may be able to help.

Bankers Trust Commitment

Bankers Trust was established as far back as 1917 with many branches nationwide. Its main and oldest branch is located in Iowa being the largest independently owned bank in the United States. Today, many people are availing of the services of this bank because of their commitment to the personal and business relationship. They provide quality services and operations that will satisfy the immediate needs of people in terms of their finances. One such example is their certificate of deposits that offer flexible and up to date rates.

Bankers Trust CDs

Certificates of deposit are a great option for people who want to keep their money in an investment account for a relatively long span of time. With Bankers Trust, the CDs have good benefits which include tiered interest rates as well as compounded annual interests. Account holders can automatically renew their accounts and terms once their account has reached maturity. The minimum opening balance is also affordable making it easy for the average Joe to get an account. People can open a certificate of deposit with Bankers Trust for a minimum of only $1000.  Plus all accounts are FDIC insured which keeps your cash very secured and safe.

Terms and Rates

As of today, the consumer rates and terms include the 60 month term with an interest rate and an annual percentage rate of 1.60%. There is also the 36 month term with an interest rate and APR of 1.25%. For those who want the shorter terms then they can pick the 17 month term with the rates of 1.00% and the last is the 5 month term with an APR and interest rate of 0.55%.

With these rates and benefits, people who will open a certificate of deposit account will for sure be very happy and contented with their future returns.

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