Sometimes, small-town banks have it better. Take for example the First National Bank of Pawnee. Catering specifically to the needs of residents in its state of Oklahoma, the bank is able to offer much higher APR and APY rates. On the National Average, banks are only able to offer an APY of 0.65% – 0.99%. Any other bank that’s able to provide much higher rates is a sure winner, and in this case, it’s the FNB of Pawnee. Just take a look at their offerings:

Certificate of Deposit – APY

91 day single maturity CD – 0.50%
182 day single maturity CD – 1.000%
182 day auto-renewable CD – 1.000%
1 year single maturity CD – 1.21%
1 year auto-renewable CD – 1.21%
18 month single maturity CD – 1.31%
2 year single maturity CD – 1.51%
2 year auto-renewable CD – 1.51%
3 year single maturity CD – 2.02%
3 year auto-renewable CD – 2.02%
4 year single maturity CD – 2.17%
4 year auto-renewable CD – 2.17%

They offer flexibility in terms of managing how long you want to keep an account for. You can have it for as short as 91 days or for as long as 4 years. And because you can choose an account that’s auto-renewable, you can just leave your money to keep growing and growing for the many years to come.

One of the most important requirements for you to be able to open an account is that you have to be a resident of the state. Since they do not accept any form of out-of-state money, this can either be an advantage to you if you’re from the small county, or a disadvantage if you’re not.

They also require $1,000 minimum initial deposit if you’re applying for the 1-4 year CDs. However, if you’re only going for the 91 or 182 day CDs, you must meet the minimum requirement of $2,500.

How do you get the interest? The FNB can either issue you a check, or directly deposit it in your checking or savings account. Of course, you can just add it up to the CD so you can get more of it when it reaches maturity.

However, as with other CD accounts, there are penalty fees for early withdrawal. It might be prudent to carefully think over the type of CD plan you intend to go for so as to prevent unnecessary payments that will prove to be a big loss on an otherwise fruitful gain.

About FNB of Pawnee

Serving the small county of Pawnee in Oklahoma since 1893, the First National Bank of Pawnee has since evolved from a small bank into a full financial institution it is today. Even with its small staff of 25, and catering to a small number of people, it boasts of at least $50 million in assets. Since its foundation, the bank has experienced depressions, wars, and drought. But despite all these, its financial integrity remained strong, and that is why it has become one of the most trusted names in banking in the state of Oklahoma.

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