Fifth Third Bank’s best offering right now is their zero annual fee platinum MasterCard. As we all know, people nationwide rely heavily on the different credit cards they have. With all the cards they own, they can easily shop, purchase, and pay for anything they want. Every establishment today accepts credit cards and thus customers can simply avail of what they want with just a swipe. This is the main reason why individuals prefer to use their cards instead of cash. They can even travel with it and use it in other countries making it very convenient to pay for purchases without having to change monetary currencies.

To those who want a new credit card, fifth Third Bank’s zero annual fees platinum MasterCard is definitely the right solution. This is a good choice for any person who is planning on getting a new one. With this bank, people are assured that they are put on priority first and that they can ask for financial services when they need it. In terms of their Platinum MasterCard, it is recognized worldwide and its benefits are expanded for the financial flexibility of its account holders.

Benefits of Fifth Third Bank’s Platinum MasterCard

One of the major benefits of this Platinum MasterCard is that there is no annual fee. Many credit card owners would like this because they will not have to worry about reminding themselves of the annual fees. With a no annual fee, people will get the chance to save money. Other benefits and features of this kind of credit card include savings from different retailers especially for those who love to shop, $1 million travel and accident insurance, and free phone protection. And for those who will avail to this card, 0% introductory APR is offered for the first 12 billings and after that an APR of 10.99% to 23.99% on all purchases. To those who are interested in acquiring such credit card, they should go and inquire at Fifth Third Bank as soon as they can.

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