Frequent fliers get the most important source of miles from credit cards. Owning a credit card for this purpose lets you strike two birds with one stone – you get to earn miles for your flights, car rental and even hotels, plus you can also get the same miles from usual credit card purchases.

Chase bank co-brands with United and the result is the United Mileage Plus Card. If your preferred airline happens to be associated with this frequent flyer program, then this card’s perfect.

Getting More Air Miles

Just in your first year alone, up to 40,000 bonus miles can be yours. How’s this done? After your first card use, you get rewarded with 25,000 bonus miles. For your next use, you earn additional bonus points of up to 5,000. This same reward can be yours if you add one authorized user of the card within 2 months from opening your account.

Once you qualify for this, the bonus miles will be posted to the account.

But that’s not all. Additionally, you can get 10,000 points whenever you spend a minimum of $25,000 and above annually.

Great Savings

There is no annual fee within the first year of use with this card. This means you get to save $95. APR is only at a low 15.24% APR.

Exclusive perks from United flights are part of the deal as well. On your first bag, you and a companion can check them in absolutely free. Again, this amounts to $50 worth of savings for a round trip flight.

You can also get access to the United club two times a year. And when you make purchases from United, every dollar you spend gives you 1 mile. Similarly, you earn 2 miles when you use the card to purchase tickets from United. As long as you’re a cardmember, your miles will never expire.

Chase bank assures your safety because they provide travel protection benefits exclusive to cardholders. It also includes full coverage of primary auto rental.

How to Qualify

To get your own Unite Mileage Card, you will be evaluated if you are eligible for a Visa Signature card. If so, you will automatically be considered for Visa Platinum.
Application can be done online just by filling out their forms and submitting documents required. Once you’re done and approved, you are free to use the new credit line from there on. Finally, a great way to earn more miles from each travel you make, and it’s only from The United Mileage Plus Card.

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