All those working under the Department of Defense can have a clearer and brighter future because of a Credit Union that provides them a good place to invest. Navy Federal Credit Union is offering certificates of deposit at high rates to help DoD employees have a more secure financial future. Here, employees can enjoy saving as well as investing at the same time.

Navy Federal Credit Union has more than three million members from all over the nation since 1933. They perform excellent financial services that potential and present members can avail of and choose from. This is known as a primary institution with $49,370,838,303 in total assets as of 2012. Basing on the numbers, Navy Federal Credit Union has proved the effectiveness of its program and services. Indeed those individuals who are eligible for membership at this Credit Union has got it good.

In terms of their certificate of deposits, their rates are updated and very competitive. People can choose between the short and long terms depending on which term suits them best. To those who will pick the shorter term, they can pick the three month period. With a $1,000 minimum amount, the APY or annual percentage yield is 0.50% while for those who will open with a minimum amount of $50,000 the APY is 0.60%. By giving a higher interest rate for bigger amounts, members are encouraged to save more and reap bigger rewards in interest. For the one year term and a minimum deposit of $1,000, the APY is 0.85%. On the other hand, people can also pick the three year period with an annual percentage yield of 1.25% for both the minimum deposits of $1,000 and $10,000.  These are just some of the terms that people can lock in with. In conclusion, employees or family members under the Department of Defense should definitely check out Navy Federal Credit Union. In this way, they will have a good future ahead.

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