With so many mortgage providers, it’s only right that people become meticulous in finding the right loan for their budget and salary. One of the easiest indicators of a good loan is of course the mortgage rates. Since rates can change almost everyday, it’s hard to keep abreast of which rate is best. For people who are looking for a mortgage that’s easy on the pocket, they may want to try checking what American Interbank has to offer.

American Interbanc provides solutions for those lending problems that individuals and family face every time they wish to buy or even refinance their own homes. With the issues in real estate right now, it is only right that individuals or families go to the right people. This lending company offers the best rates that are quite competitive in the market. The rates they have afor the latest and well updated. So for those who want the best mortgage rates today, they can have it when they will apply for the best deal in terms of mortgages at American Interbanc.

The Jumbo 30 year fixed mortgage has a rate of 3.750 with an APR or annual percentage rate of 3.871. While for the Jumbo 15 year fixed, the rate is 3.250 with an APR of 3.327. Jumbo 5/1 ARM 30 year has a rate of 2.500 and the Jumbo 7/1 ARM 30 year has the rate of 2.750. American Interbanc also has other choices for more flexibility. The other choices include the conforming 30 year fixed with APR of 3.170 and the rate of 3.000. On the other hand, there is also the conforming 15 year fixed with a rate of 2.500 and an APR of 2.585.

These are the latest mortgage rates the company has that are surely reasonable. To those who have questions with regards to these rates they can simply inquire directly with American Interbanc.

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