Chase bank surely knows how to please its customers. At the start of this year, it provided a $150 cashback bonus. If you missed out on this incredible offer, fret not. Chase Bank is back with another checking account promotion that lets you receive up to $125 cash bonus.

What the Promotion is About

If you don’t have any checking account with Chase Bank yet, now is the perfect time for you to open one. To be eligible for the offer, you need to have a new account, as Chase Bank disqualifies those with existing checking or with a negative balance. If you have had a Chase checking account closed within the past 90 days, you are disqualified from the promo as well. Once you have already signed up, your eligibility is still subject to approval upon discretion of the bank.

To earn the $125 cash back bonus, you must comply two things. First, you need to make a $100 deposit, all within the first 60 days upon account opening. Second, you need to have a direct deposit to the new account within the same period of time. This direct deposit should be in form of an electric paycheck, government or pension benefits from the government or from your employer.

An important thing to note is that once you earn your bonus within the 10-day period after you transact your direct deposit, you will not be eligible for another cashback bonus for the rest of the year. Should you choose to close this account within 6-months, the cashback bonus will be deducted as soon as the account closes.

If this offer sounds good enough for you, don’t wait any longer, or might miss out on the promo again. Keep in mind that this promotion only lasts until March 31, 2012.

Maintaining the Account

The Chase checking account does not require any monthly fees. However, this is only true when you faithfully fulfill the following:

• A total of $500 direct deposits must be made every month to the account
• The daily balance in your account should be no lower than $1,500
• You must maintain $5,000 in average balance of all your other Chase accounts or checking

Aside from these, you get free access to all other services, such as ATM transactions, online bill pay, online banking, e-mail and text alerts, and a Chase debit card.
Grab this awesome promotion while you still can and enjoy your reward money.

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