CD Rates Hold SteadyCD Rates are holding steady starting off this week. There have not been any moves from the 3 Month to 5 Year CDs as the economy continues its fall, rates will stay low. CD Rates are projected to stay low until early next year, 2011. If you do get into a long term CD, ask to see if they have a one-time rate bump available, so that if rates do increase you can gain the benefits and not be stuck in an under-performing certificate of deposit.

Here are the best CDs currently available to resident’s nation wide:

Melrose Credit Union is one Credit Union that allows any U.S. resident to join with a sign up fee of $1. This makes Melrose a great option since they also have some of the Nation’s best CD rates available.

*TermAugust 16thLast Week
3 Month CD1.35%1.35%
6 Month CD1.25%1.25%
12 Month CD1.76%1.76%
24 Month CD2.02%2.02%
36 Month CD2.52%2.52%
60 Month CD3.29%3.29%

You can always compare the best CD rates from our database of banks and institutions to find the best options for your money.

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