Student Loan Consolidation: Should You Do It?

Going to college can mean various expenses. Aside from the tuition fees, there’s the stay, food, car, and other miscellaneous expenses. Because of all this, students are forced to take on other types of loans and may even take on credit cards as well. Sometimes, the number of payments students have to make may cause […]

Scrambling for a Student Loan? Get It at the Last Minute

As problems with student loan availability arise, many undergraduates are starting to wonder if they can still get a student loan for the next semester. Difficulties emerge when students are having trouble finding a student loan because of strict criteria, or because their federal provider backed out. At this economy, students shouldn’t be overly confident […]

Is a Visa Buxx Card Right for Your Child?

“College Jimmy beamed holding his first credit card. His wants were his. Daddy Jimmy is still paying for a taco he ate as a freshman and realizes his foolery.” – BankAim What is Visa Buxx? Visa Buxx is a debit card created to give teens spending independence and teach them about spending responsibilities, all while […]