Free Finance Webinars for Students at Great Lakes

Student loans are becoming an increasingly heavy financial burden on young American adults. This can be even more of a financial disaster early on in life if young people do not really understand what they are getting into. Most of the time because of their youth and inexperience, they can jump into loans without really […]

4 Smart Tips To Get A Low Private Student Loan Interest Rate

When getting any kind of loan, student loan or home mortgage it may be, the one thing we are all nervous about is the interest rate. After all, it determines how much in total we will be paying at the end of the road. For those who were smart enough to do some due diligence […]

Bankruptcy: Still No Relief for Student Loans

The economy is still on a downfall after analysts wrongly predicted a rise in the market. Aside from affecting the stock and housing markets, the bleak economy is of course, affecting employment. This could be one of the worst situations new graduates are being faced with. Unemployment rates are now standing at a 14.5%. And […]

Graduates Rejoice! – Student Loans at Historic Lows Starting July

July 1 will probably be the happiest day for both college graduates and parents. For all those who are eligible, federal student loans will be changing their interest rates, and dropping it to an all time low. Now is the time for student loan consolidation because former students who are in the process of repaying […]