Generous 4.25% APY from Florida Central Credit Union

When opening a new checking account, a high interest rate is the first thing people usually look for. And what’s not to love? Getting the highest growth and return for your money is what we’re all after. This is exactly what the Florida Central Credit Union had in mind when it introduced its Ultimate Checking […]

The Good Ones: Banks Who Still Offer Free Checking

With the sudden barrage of debit card fees and the plummeting interest rates, consumers are wondering if all banks are going downhill. Luckily for us, there are still some banks who are sticking to their free checking promotions, and who continue to offer great rates. For those of you who want to transfer banks, but […]

Reward Checking Paying The Highest Interest

There are still banks out there paying 4% on high yield checking accounts and are open to anyone, anywhere. It’s amazing to see these banks still paying 4% because you won’t find these kinds of returns with any top CDs, savings or money market accounts. It’s hard to find a better deal than with these […]