When dealing with money and finances, one thing we’re all too familiar with are interest rates. Savings accounts, certificates of deposits and money markets will have us jump for joy when the interest rates are high, but when it comes to credit cards, interest is best left low.

After all, why do so many people get into credit card debt? Aside from the all too familiar reason of charging more than they can afford, credit card interest rates also play a crucial role. Most of us are just too loose when it comes to choosing the best credit cards. When a new card comes in the mail that tells us that we can immediately start charging, our eyes light up like a child with a new puppy. We don’t even bother to check what happens should we default on payments. It only comes as a shock once we’ve “forgotten” to pay the full amount, only to see the sky-high monthly interest that’s charged. Ouch.

So instead of accepting just whatever that comes in the mail, be sure to check how much interest that card will charge you should you default on payment. If you see something that doesn’t look too agreeable, don’t hesitate to go and chuck it out the window. After all, there are loads of other cards out there that can give you the low interest that you deserve.

Here are some of the best low interest credit cards 2011 can offer:

Best Low Interest Credit Cards 2011

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And one more thing, there are a lot of credit cards that promote 0 interest APYs. This can certainly be a good thing especially if the introductory period is long enough. But what happens after that? Be sure to check the real interest rates that comes after the introductory period.

The next time you shop for a credit card, don’t be lured just by the introductory APR. Take note of what lies after that and choose a card with a low interest rate to save you from heavy increases in interest penalties.

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