Ever since the dawn of credit cards, making purchases with no need for cold cash has become so easy. The names VISA and MASTERCARD have replaced George Washington and Benjamin Franklin in our wallets simply because paying with credit is becoming more hassle free.

Aside from the convenience it brings, credit card companies are now packing their cards with discounts, freebies and rewards. Here are the top five credit card deals, taking into account low interest rates plus heaps of rewards:

1. Discover More Card – For this card you can get a cool introductory 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for as long as 15 months. After the introductory period, standard rates of 11.99-20.99% will apply. Aside from the good rate, you get a 5% cash back bonus in practical purchases such as travel, gas, groceries, restaurants, home improvement sotres and loads more. Plus you get a 1% unlimited cash back bonus on all other purchases. And what’s more, there’s no annual fee.

2.Discover Student Open Road Card – Aside from having 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 9months, you also get a double cash back bonus at any gas station and restaurant. You get up to 1% unlimited Cashback Bonus on everything else you buy, with $0 fraud liability. Again, there’s no annual fee for this card.

3.Discover More Card -$50 Cash back bonus – Do you think you can spend $250 on your credit card in the first three months? If the answer is yes, then the Discover More $50 Cash back bonus card is for you. This card will give you a bonus of $50 once you make a $250 purchase within the first three months. Introductory APR will be 0% for balance transfers for 12 months, and 0% on purchases for 6 months. After that, variable APR will be between 11.99% and 20.99%. Again there’s a 5% Cash back bonus in travel, gas, restaurants and home improvement stores.

4. Discover More Student Card – 0% introductory APR for purchases for the first 9 months. Get a 5% cash back bonus in categories like travel, gas, department stores, groceries and restaurants. 1% unlimited cash back bonus on all other purchases with no annual fee.

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