With the multitude of credit cards sprouting out from different banking institutions, it’s difficult to choose from the many promotions and freebies they are offering. From cash back rewards to airline miles, credit cards are now packed with rewards of all kinds. However among all the credit card promotions, there are some that stand out amongst the others. Here are the best credit card offers 2011 can give:

1. Discover Student Card Builder – Build Your Own Credit Card

What better way to choose a credit card than to make it yourself! With Discover’s Student Card Builder you can choose your introductory APR and the duration for purchases. Plus you can choose your own card design for a unique touch. Building your card is made easy as you can do it in four simple steps. First you tell them about yourself and how you want to use your Discover card. Second, you choose your rewards, third pick a card design, and finally choose your terms.

With a unique card that allows you to do whatever you want, it’s hard to find any fault as everything you want is within your reach. You can even start building your card with Discover’s interactive tool today.

When looking for a good credit card, supply and demand has given us the opportunity to choose not only from a wide range of interest rates, but also from a host of promotions, freebies and rewards.

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