Kick start your business with the Jet Blue Card from American Express. Using this card, you can start accumulating miles so you’ll be eligible for a free ticket. As a way of saying thank you to customers who sign up to the card, American Express is giving away an immediate 10,000 TrueBlue Points upon purchase of the card. The good thing about this is that it only takes 5,000 points to avail of a one way free flight.

Card Details

Aside from the generous welcome bonus, the Jet Blue Card has a low annual fee of only $40. You can also conveniently earn Jet Blue Points for every dollar you make a purchase. Plus, you are eligible to earn two points from any of the following categories: restaurants, sporting events, golf courses, movie theaters, gym memberships, performing arts events, and all Jet Blue flights.

Again, 5,000 points can already provide you with a one way flight. There are no black out dates so you can avail of the free flight anytime. Your TrueBlue points also don’t expire so there’s no need for you to be pressured into using your points.

Things to Remember

Although your points don’t expire, you have to use your card or earn points while flying Jet Blue for at least once within a period of 12 months. If this is done, the life of your points will be extended for a full year. Also, the bonus of 10,000 True Blue points can be obtained only after the first purchase is made.

Additional Bonus- OPEN Savings Program

Your Business American Express card has the extra benefit of the OPEN Savings program which can provide you with exclusive discounts at participating stores. There’s no need to enroll in the program or pay an additional fee, your card immediately provides this for you. To know if your card is eligible for the OPEN Savings Program, your card should have the word “Business” written at the front of the card, and an “OPEN” logo at the back.

There’s a lot you can do with the savings you’ll get with this Jet Blue Card from American Express. Save more on your flights, save more for your business. And be rewarded while going about your regular purchases.

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