Thinking Like Da Vinci

Aside from saving and budgeting, managing your finances well also means investing it in the right place. It’s not easy to find the right investment vehicles and most of us are faced with uncertainty when it comes to investing money. As we all know, Leonardo Da Vinci has been one of the most innovative minds […]

Top 3 Places To Get A Student Loan

Just like borrowing for a home or car loan, one thing to look at is definitely the interest rate and what the lending institution can offer you. The best thing about student loans is that the government is very willing to help American citizens get a good education. One of the best places to get […]

Should Your Teen Have A Credit Card?

With the rising phenomenon of high school and college students deep in credit card debt, the question for each parent is, “should my teen have a credit card?” Surveys show that college freshmen have an average of $1,585 in credit card debt. This amount is certainly no joke. One college student shares her experience of […]

Low Rates and Easy Loans with SpeedTrack Loans

SpeedTrack Loans is a financial institution that specializes in giving home loans from fixed mortgages to refinancing. Right now, SpeedTrack Loans is offering 30 year fixed mortgages with a fixed rate of 4.375%. With the average mortgage rate running at 4.77%, this rate is about one of the lowest borrowers can get. And the rates […]