Making enough for a living is tough, but not when you’re backed up by a great bank that enables you to enjoy simple rewards out of your business purchases. That’s why AT&T Universal Business Rewards Class exists.

This credit card is the perfect companion for you whether you’re just starting up with your business, or looking for ways to expand what you have.

The Perks

Every desirable credit card comes with a great reward system, and in this case the AT&T Universal Credit card is no different. With every dollar purchase of qualified AT&T products, you stand to earn not just one, but five points to your credit. This is possible when you make the purchase of AT&T services and/or products straight from AT&T.

The card is also ideal for getting you points from partner establishments, made possible when you buy supplies from these merchants, or make use of their professional services. Gas stations are also included in this list. For these establishments, you get three points for every dollar you spend.

The rewards don’t just end at your own purchases. When anyone of your employees make purchases with your card on any business-related products or services, a credit of one point for each dollar spent will be issued. So without you even lifting a finger, your points continue to accumulate.

With all these great ways to earn points, you might start to wonder where to spend these on. That’s really not a problem since there are equally many ways for you to redeem and spend these points on gifts, travel, sopping, and related items. Just make a call to your bank and you will guided through the process, as well keep you informed of the stores in which you can choose to spend your points on.

Another great perk of having the AT&T Universal Business Rewards card is that it’s almost virtually free of maintenance and fees. Although balance transfers are not applicable, as a cardholder, you can enjoy zero annual fee and a limited zero APR for purchases. This offer is good only for 6 months, after which the variable APR starting at 14.24% will ensue.

Fees for transactions apply. Over-the-credit-limit penalty will also be placed upon your credit. However, you can choose to lift this limit should you wish to do so.

Over-all, the AT&T Universal Business Rewards card is your perfect business companion, giving you more rewards than any other business card in the market.

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