Online banking has become very accessible nowadays especially to those individuals who don’t have time go to the bank because they have work to do. Through online banking, it has become very easy for them to track and update their accounts. One of the online banks that people can really trust is Ascencia bank that was established back in 1999. Its major headquarters is situated in Louisville, Kentucky and they are also even recognized as part of the most successful and well established internet banks in the United States.

Some people maybe apprehensive and hesitant to do online banking but with Ascencia bank they are provided with the best services and the promise that their accounts are secured all the time. One of the best services Ascencia Bank provides is their certificates of deposits. As we all know, people would want to choose the bank that offers the best deals and surely they can have this from Ascencia. The best offer this bank has is the one year CD with 1.00% APY. This is a competent rate which is much higher than the national average of 0.33%.

When people or families decide on opening a certificate of deposit account under Ascencia, they will only be required a minimum deposit of $500 and can deposit as much as $97,000. People can then choose how much they want to put into their deposits as long as it is within the range. Aside from the 1 year CD term, they also offer term periods. One is the six month period CD with an APY of only 0.81% while for the 2 year period has an APY of 1.04%. But for those who can wait for the 5 year certificate of deposit, clients can get as much as 1.56% annual growth.

For those who are planning of having the certificates of deposits just remember this CD rule. Choose a shorter term CD when current rates are low, and if you feel the rates will go up eventually, and longer term CDs when rates are high, and when you think the rates will go down over time.

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