Certificates of deposits are a great way to save for the future. After all, you just have to place money in the bank, wait for maturity, and reap the rewards of the added interest. As we all know, saving money should be done by any person especially those who have families to look after. For those people who have plans of getting certificates of deposits, it maybe advantageous to get one at Ally Financial Inc.

About Ally Financial Inc.

This financial incorporation was established in the year 1919 and was then known as General Motors Acceptance Corporation or the GMAC. Ally Financial Inc. at first only provided financing services to those who had automotive financial problems but since then they expanded to other services such as direct banking, insurance, mortgages, and other financial issues. This shift made the company more well known especially to those who needed financial services from a trusted source.

Certificates of Deposits with a Higher Yield

So what make’s Ally’s CD a cut above the rest? First of all, their certificate of deposit doesn’t demand a minimum deposit. This is a great option for those who are looking to get good rates but who are on a tight budget. Aside from that, there are no monthly maintenance fees to worry about. And you can be insured that your money is FDIC Insured. Aside from these wonderful benefits, there are also the great rates to consider.

CD Rates and Terms

For those who will have a term of three months, the interest rate is 0.39% with an APY of 0.39%. The nine months terms will have an interest rate and an APY of 0.74%. While for the 12 months term, it’s APY and interest rates are 1.03%. And with the five year term, the interest rate is 1.68% and an APY or 1.69%. These APY and interest rates are much higher compared to other banks.

On the basis of average rates compared to other financial corporations, the Ally Financial Inc. certificates of deposits are higher. The average of Ally is 1.04% while Bank of America has only 0.35% and 0.50% for the ING Direct. It is then a very good choice for one to open a CD account in the Ally Financial Inc.

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