Cash back bonuses are not only limited to personal credit card accounts. Whether you’re just starting up, or you have a thriving business, the American Express Simply Cash Business Card is your best business assistant.

What’s To Like

• Earning cash back bonuses is certainly the highlight of this card. For every office supply purchase or wireless service use, you can enjoy up to 5% cash back. On the other hand, gasoline purchases get you a 3% cash back, while all other purchases score a 1% bonus. Purchase cash backs can help you save on office supplies, while gasoline rewards help you out when you are traveling for business or you are out meeting your clients or suppliers.

• Introductory APR is 0% for either 6, 9, or 12 months – depending on your credit worthiness.

• Adding employee cards can help you earn more points at no added fees. Not only can you delegate business purchases, the cash back is all yours as well.

• There is simply no limit to the amount of points you get. As for the cash back bonus, the rewards will be placed to your account every month.

• Get exclusive discounts on partner companies such as Hertz, FedEx, hpdirect, OfficeMax, AirTran, Epson, Marriot, and Hyatt among many others.

• Get an annual travel benefit if you purchase at least $3,000 worth of vacation cruise or package through any of American Express’s travel Services. This travel benefit amounts up to $100.

• If you find yourself too busy to mange your own credit account, you can ask someone to manage it for you. This authorized manager should be aged 18 years and older.

• To help you better organize your accounts, a year-end summary report is given in an itemized format. This statement can be given to you either online or by mail.

What’s Not To Like

• Although the cash back points are unlimited, the period of time you are eligible for it is limited. These rates are applicable only to the first $12,000 spent on every annual rebate. After this period, your cash back bonus will decrease to 1%.

• Not all providers for the automatic bill payment service the market. There may be times when these payments are made even after the billing cycle.

Putting your business first may be a difficult thing to do, but with the right credit card partner, you won’t have to place other priorities in the backburner. Get all these services and more only from American Express Simply Cash Business Card.

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