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Saving money is a daunting task for many people.  A common thought is, “How can I save money if I am living pay check to pay check?”. Well there are ways to save even if you feel like you barely have the money to pay the bills and eat.

Here is a list of 5.1 things you can do everyday to save a few bucks.  Do these things and put the money away in an account or shoebox and don’t touch it.  Let it pile up and in 6 months you’ll be surprised.

1. Make Saving 1st

Instead of waiting until the end of the month to see if you have anything left over to save (which you won’t). Put away a few dollars at the beginning of the paycheck.  That way you won’t spend it on something that you didn’t need to.  Even if it is only $20, put it away 1st.  Its a simple budget system for saving.

2. Search for and Use Coupons

Just using your Safeway club card is not saving you as much as you could be saving.  My wife recently started printing coupons online for items she knew she was going to be buying at the supermarket.  We are saving more and more money using these coupons.

3. Buy Used Goods

You don’t NEED new, expensive things.  Want an iPod? Buy a used one that is a generation old.  If you buy new it is going to be out of date in 2 months anyway.  Want furniture for your house? Checkout craigslist or garage sales. Be patient and items you love will pop up for a fraction of the price.  Car broke down? That 2010 can wait.  Buy a 2001 and you’ll save thousands.

4. Use the internet

Instead of purchasing that newspaper or magazine, be patient, wait until you get home and use the internet.  You can access just about everything in the magazines and newspapers for FREE.  And its all the same junk so if the articles aren’t the exact same it doesn’t matter much, it will still entertain you.

5. Don’t Eat Out

You can even try cutting your nights out in half and I bet that would make a big difference.  Every time you want to go out, eat at home, then put that money in the old shoe box.

5.1 Leftovers

Eat those left overs.  Stop letting your appetite make your food decisions for you. You have an infinite amount of appetites, you can satisfy the next one.  The left overs are there and they taste good.  Eat them and save the money.

There you have it.  5.1 simple ways to save.  You can also check out how to absolutely waste money if you are not into saving it.

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