It’s almost the end of July and we’re all anticipating what August can offer. However, before we look ahead to the start of a new month, let’s not forget that there’s still a few more days left of July.

At the end of July the lowest mortgage rate is at 4.326%. This is much lower than last June’s rate of 4.488% by Today, Aimloan’s rate is at 4.350%, which comes second after the 4.326% rate offered by Nations Choice Mortgage. This lender has recently been dubbed by the Wallstreet Journal as one of the lenders who can offer the most “competitive rates”.

Nations Choice Mortgage has been around since 1994, serving homebuyers, real estate professionals and and builders. Considered to be a medium sized to large sized mortgage banker, Nations Choice is consistently generating over $1 Billion annually in residential mortgage paper. This is being done while serving and consulting with clients with residential needs.

Nations Choice Mortgage is purely a mortgage bank, meaning they don’t have services such as savings, checking, money market and certificates of deposit. In this way, their services are more focused for the consumers who are looking to buy a home. Not only do they offer loans for home purchases, they can also provide you with your home refinancing needs.

Refinancing your home with Nations Choice can help you potentially lower your existing mortgage payments, consolidate your debt, get money out of your mortgage, and keep your payments stable with a fixed rate loan.

Nations Choice Mortgage also makes the process easy, they have a quick quote option which allows you to input your details regarding your loan type, property type, loan amount and property value. This makes analyzing your potential amortization so much easier.

Nations Choice Mortgage representatives can be contacted via phone or email. They also have a loan specialist available and ready to talk with you.

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