Most people don’t really know the difference between credit unions and banks, when in reality, even the smallest credit unions can give the banks a run for their money. This is because credit unions tend not to focus on profit, but rather on service. This is also the reason why rates at credit unions can be lower than conventional banks when it comes to mortgage.

This is exactly the principle that Crestline Funding, like most credit unions, adhere to. According to the Credit Union Mortgage Association, today’s 30-year fixed mortgage rate is fixed at an average of 4.143%. But Crestline Funding offers even lower rates than that standard. At 3.811% APR, you can significantly save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Any deal is a great deal when you get to save, so if you’re thinking of doing repairs in your home early this year, or even buying a new one at that, you might as well grab the opportunity now.

Rates Comparison

Here is a list of how competitive Crestline Funding’s APR rates are in terms of the standard given by the Credit Union Mortgage association:

Credit Union Mortgage Association

30-year fixed – 4.143%
15 year fixed – 3.750%

Crestline Funding

30-year fixed – 3.811%
15 year fixed – 3.358%

As can be seen, you can get more value for your money because of the very low APRs. Plus, Crestline Funding offers 96.5% financing, so you won’t have to worry about shouldering more than you can pay for. These low-rates are possible all because they are a direct lending group. Unlike banks or other real estate agencies, Crestline Funding eliminates third parties, so you won’t have to pay for the middle men.

In order to apply for a loan, you can ask for a free quote on all you mortgage needs on their site. An application form is also given where they can assess your needs, depending on which type of loan you prefer, and on your credit history. If you’re not satisfied with that, they offer live assistance from their online agents where you can openly talk to them regarding your concerns. Doing the deal online provides an avenue for a more convenient and hassle-free way of negotiation.

The Crestline Funding group offers no cost loans upon closing a deal, nor do they assign points for each loan you make. They only offer interest loans, making sure you have no extra surcharges in end.

Aside from fixed loans, they also offer refinance loans, purchase loans, reverse mortgages, home equity loans, jumbo loans, VA and FHA loans.

As with other credit unions, you know your money is safe as you are insured very much like banks do.

With these low rates and great service offers, you wouldn’t have to think twice about buying that new house again.

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